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"What you will probably never hear from your family doctor"

Jan. 2003

Monthly health newsletter for the thinking person

 Vol. 5, No.1


Special reprint of our 5th Anniversary Edition




The Secret World of Parasites


     Many doctors call it the "silent epidemic" affecting 8 out of 10 Americans. We first wrote about parasites and colon cleansing in our 5th anniversary issue, and ever since this most important article appeared, our newsletter has received more publicity in the last few months than the previous 5 years combined. Twenty three of our nation's newspapers and magazines have already asked us to reprint this article, and it will appear in at least a dozen more publications in the next 4-6 weeks.                  


Why has one of our articles created such a stir only now, even though we have been exploring some of the most interesting and exciting alternative health topics for the last 5 years? Perhaps it's because all those who were saying "not here in America" finally realized that there are indeed many things which they will never hear from their family doctor. We feel that this is only a taste of things to come and that many principles of holistic and alternative medicine are about to become "mainstream" facts, whereas just a short while ago they would have been considered nothing more than obscure fiction.


It's also time to realize that as more and more of us discover the incredible wonders of preventative and natural approaches to healthcare, the pharmaceutical giants - main opponents of these highly unprofitable-for-them ideas -- will no longer be able to have so much control over our lives and our health. Here then, is the much-talked-about article written by Joseph Sterling, the editor of Secrets of Robust Health.


     This article no doubt will shock a lot of people. But shock will probably be one of the more pleasant symptoms that one will experience. One thing is for sure: this informative report should not be read while eating or immediately before or after a meal.


     However, the importance of carefully examining this subject is not only highly recommended but could be as vital to many people as life and death. I am of course referring to the parasites that lurk in the human body and how detrimen­tal they are to our health and well-being. It's unavoidable that this topic will cause disgust and queasiness in many of us, which is probably the result of the taboo imposed on the topics of such less-than-glamorous aspects of our lives.


     Hopefully the following quote will help unmask this taboo once and for all:


" I believe the single most un­diagnosed health challenge in the history of the human race is parasites. I realize that is a pretty brave state­ment, but it is based on my 20 years of experience with more than 20,000 patients." (Dr. Ross Anderson, one of America's foremost parasitic infection specialists)


I would probably have remained as igno­rant to this subject as most people, had it not been for one of my co-workers - a nutritionist who decided to make it her "life mission" to introduce me to the world of parasites. My first reaction was probably similar to that of any other "normal" person:


   "Please leave me alone, you and your parasites," I said to her indignantly, "because I don't want to lose my appetite for no reason. We don't live in a Third World country, but in one of the most sterile and most developed societies in the world, where we don't have to worry about such things."


     Later, however, my opinion changed quite drastically (as to why, you'll find out shortly). My great interest in proper nutrition, disease prevention, and alternative medicine, coupled with my co-worker's insistence that certainly piqued even my curiosity about this largely unexplored topic, propelled me toward doing more research on this subject. I began perusing piles of books, along with dozens of articles written by various doctors and experts on the subject. I spent many nights surfing the rambling channels of the Internet, hungry for information.


     As I started acquiring all this knowledge, I grew more and more determined, being an editor of a health newslet­ter, to share these facts with my readers, even though this is not the sort of topic I would normally discuss openly. I felt that this information is vitally important and could improve the health of many and, in some worst-case scenarios, even save their lives.


     I strongly advise our readers not to toss this article aside simply because they think that they can't stomach the subject or because they feel it doesn't apply to them! By the time you reach the end of this article, you will realize that this information is essential for you and those you care about. In any case, as amazing as it seems, statistics show that 8 - 9 out of 10 of us are infected with parasites. It will also become quite apparent that this phenomenon is much more widespread than most people in the U.S. think.


     Many Americans are unaware that they are infected with parasite infestation in alarming numbers; a “silent epidemic” about which many doc­tors have not educated themselves.




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