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Dear Friends:


     You have decided to take an important step to attain vibrant health by ordering our internal cleansing program, which was created to address many facets of body cleansing.


Parasites, colon build-up and toxins are problems for many of us and it's important to use a product that is able to assist the body in getting rid of all these problems naturally, without drugs or chemicals.


This program was formulated as a result of collaboration between dedicated Ph.D.'s, master herbalists, naturopathic doctors and nutritionists who have created what we think, and we are sure your will agree, the finest and most comprehensive program of its kind in the world, containing almost 70 ingredients masterfully blended together. This is evidenced by the many letters of thanks from those we have helped - this always brightens up our days seeing the positive difference our products have made!


Our products are made with the highest level of integrity from only the finest quality herbs and other 100% natural ingredients. We believe that it's also very important to offer products that do not contain any artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, preservatives, wasteful fillers, caffeine and other ingredients which do not agree with our company's philosophy of producing superior quality and effective combinations which will not only be enjoyed by our customers but also ones which they will be recommended to others.


Our dedicated staff use these products, our families and friends use them; we passionately believe in them and want others to benefit from using them as we do on a daily basis. We are a lot more that just some people who "work for a company" - we are health activists and firm believers in the natural way of life and genuinely care about helping others' health. 


There are 3 components to the cleansing program. Each one these 3 components have their own unique function and each one is equally important in their own right. ParaNix would never be as effective without the Internal Sweep and in turn Internal Sweep would not be as effective without the Klenz Tea. Here's what each component contains and does:




INTERNAL SWEEP: Fiber and herb powder.

1 lb. (454 grams) per container


12 gr. Carbohydrates per scoop (1 tablespoon)
9 gr. Fiber per scoop (1 tablespoon)
200 Calories per 1 lb. container

     There are 2 types of dietary fiber - soluble and insoluble. Both are very important to our bodies, yet very few of us take in a good balanced combination of both. The two types of fiber function in very different ways.


Soluble fiber acts like a sponge to help "absorb" the mucus contained in the intestines and clear waste and toxins out of the colon. The insoluble fiber, on the other hand, cannot be absorbed by the body and acts like a "broom" to help sweep the unwanted impacted fecal matter from the walls of the intestines.


Studies show that consuming an adequate amount of fiber is important to help lower cholesterol naturally and possibly minimize the risk of countless diseases including various bowel dysfunctions and many other health conditions. Internal Sweep can also help with weight loss by providing a "full" feeling since fiber will swell up to many times its size.


This product contains a unique combination of 37 ingredients including both soluble and insoluble fiber, as well as many herbs that are beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract and especially the colon. This product includes many different herbs which actually supply both insoluble fiber and soluble fiber, since it's important that the consumed fiber come from a wide variety of foods that provide a broad spectrum of those components.


Many of the herbs included in this masterful blend do not only have beneficial properties but also supply the various types of fiber the body needs. When you see mucus, strange colors and unpleasant looking textures in your stool - that may well be Internal Sweep at work. Its job is to help your body to thoroughly cleanse itself and start working at an optimal level.



INGREDIENTS: (For your convenience, due to the list's length, the ingredients are listed in alphabetical order. Many of the herbs are not only considered beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract but also are good sources of either soluble or insoluble fiber).



Alfalfa Powder (helps to nourish & alkalize the body, detoxify liver, aid in digestion of proteins, fats & carbohydrates; has anti-fungal properties)


Buchu Leaf (helpful for digestive disorders)


Burdock Root (helps to cleanse & eliminate impurities from the blood)


Capsicum Fruit Powder (assists in the digestive process)


Chickweed Extract 2:1 (excellent for the digestive system and the bowels)


Cinnamon Bark Powder (helps to check the formation of gas and to expel existing gas; aids in digestion)


Citrus Pectin (important as a fiber source and has other benefits)


Clove Seed Powder (has antiseptic and anti-parasitic properties)


Corn Silk (helps with inflammatory conditions of the bladder, kidneys, and urethra; helps to deal with uric acid retention)


Dandelion Root Powder (helps to strengthen kidneys & bladder, remove excess fluids; a good diuretic and tonic)


Echinacea Root Powder (known as a good blood purifier, famous in helping boost immunity, has antiseptic & anti-fungal properties, help with glandular balance, especially lymphatic and liver areas)


Fenugreek Seed Powder (considered by herbalists to be very important for the well being of the stomach and intestines; acts as a natural bulk laxative; lubricates the intestines)


Fennel Seed Powder (aids in digestion when uric acid is the prob­lem, helps with gas, acid stomach, relieving abdominal discomfort, colon disorders, and gastrointestinal tract spasms)


Flax Seed Powder (essential for a clean colon; great source of fiber)


Fructo-oligosaccharide or F.O.S. (extracted from chicory root, this is the food of the "friendly bacteria" in our intestines. This natural ingredient is very Important for good intestinal health.)


Garlic Powder (odorless (helps to detoxify the body, stimulate the activity of the digestive organs; has been used for thousands of years to treat intestinal conditions and address various gastrointestinal problems)


Ginger Root Powder (a very important component to help relieve indigestion and gas; helps to absorb toxins, restore gastric activi­ties to normal; used in many cultures as an effective carminative)


Goldenseal Root (helps to promote good functioning of the colon, liver and other organs, helps to cleanse them)


Grapefruit Pectin (important as a fiber source & has other benefits)


Guar Gum (vital in helping to clean out the pockets of the colon wall)


Horsetail Extract


Irish Moss (aids in the formation of stools and helps with many intestinal disorders)


Licorice Root (helps to cleanse the colon, beneficial for various bowel disorders and ulcers, helps to lengthen intestinal cell life and enhance microcirculation in the gastrointestinal lining)


L. acidophilus 4 bil/gim


Marshmellow Root powder


Peppermint Leaf (helps to enhance digestion, relieve gas/nausea)


Papaya Fruit Powder (aids in digestion, helps with heartburn, indigestion and inflammatory bowel disorders)


Pumpkin Seed Powder (used for worms, stomach problems)


Psyllium Husks (a very important ingredient to help clean out the pockets of the colon wall)


Rhubarb Root Bark Powder (aids in colon, spleen and liver disorders, and helps to promote healthy intestines)


Red Clover (great for blood purification and cleansing; helps with inflammatory bowel disorders)


Stevia Rebaudiana (a versatile herb used for its various qualities)


Slippery Elm (famous for its strengthening and healing qualities; helps to soothe the mucous membranes of the stomach)


Uva Ursi Leaf (helps with the disorders of the small intestine, spleen, liver and pancreas)


Other ingredients: Acidophilus, Natural banana flavor, Natural lemon flavor, Fructose.





ParaNix: Antiparasitic capsules.

120 per capsules container.

     The most comprehensive product of its kind. Designed to help eliminate parasites and kill their larva. Contains a proprietary blend of the finest herbal ingredients recognized for their cleansing properties such as Black Walnut hull, Pumpkin seed, food­ grade Diatomaceous Earth, Wormwood herb, Yellow Dock, Clove bud, Garlic bulb, Gentian Root, Grapefruit seed & many others.


     The ingredients in this potent blend are combined in such a way as to achieve optimal results and speed up the desired effect. Humans can often be infected from pets (both dogs and cats). That's why when getting rid of parasites it's important to address this problem in your pets at the same time to avoid a reinfestation. To stay free of parasites, it's important to cleanse yourself periodically - every 12 months and possibly as frequently as every 6 months, depending on the level of exposure.


INGREDIENTS: (For your convenience, due to the length of the list, the ingredients are listed in alphabetical order).


Black Walnut Hulls (a crucial component in dealing with parasites)


Clove Buds (a key component in dealing with parasites, considered a powerful germicide agent)


Chlorophyll (used for its rejuvenating and antibacterial effects)


Diatomaceous Earth (a key component in dealing with parasites)


Elecampane Plant (Inula Helenium) (very effective in helping to treat the liver fluke)


False Unicorn Root (effective in helping to remove tapeworms)


Fenugreek Seeds (helps with digestion)


Garlic Bulb (used for generations for certain types of parasites)


Gentian Root (helps to deal with parasites throughout the body)


Grapefruit Seed Extract (effective in helping to destroy parasites and harmful bacteria)


Hyssop Leaf (beneficial to the digestive and excretory systems)


Male Fern Root (helps to expel worms from the bowels; assists the body in purifying blood)


Myrrh Gum (it is featured in the Bible; myrrh helps to make intestine lining harder to disrupt which prevents certain types of parasites which disrupt the intestinal protective mucus barrier in order to infect)


Peppermint Leaf (an antiseptic; helps to prevent the formation of gas and expel the gas already formed)


Prickly Ash Bark (helps to expel parasites)


Pumpkin Seeds (a key component in dealing with parasites)


Turmeric Root (has a number of anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, helps to protect the liver against many toxins)


Wormwood (a key component in dealing with parasites)


Yellow Dock (helps to kill parasite larva, which is very important, in order to prevent reinfestation)



 Klenz Tea: Cleansing herbal tea.

30 tea bags. Total weight 2 oz. (60 grams)

Specifically formulated to help in clearing the internal organs. Naturally promotes proper digestion & timely elimination since more people suffer from constipation, called "the plague of our time," than virtually any other chronic condition. Our bodies ope­rate at an optimal capacity when we eliminate the waste matter regularly and don't allow for colon build-up to accumulate.


Natural laxatives & diuretics are helpful for regulating bowel movement and urination. The goal here is to assist the body in flushing out the toxins, unnecessary build-up and body wastes naturally, the way nature intended it, without the drugs or chemicals. This tea has no caffeine and allows the body to naturally deal with cleaning itself out by "gently yet effectively helping to guide it toward that goal."


INGREDIENTS: (For your convenience, due to the length of the list, the ingredients are listed in alphabetical order).



Buckthorn Bark (aids in thorough cleansing)


Chamomile Flower (a digestive aid, considered by herbalists to be a good carminative, tonic, antispasmodic, as well as adding a pleasant flavor to the tea)


Cat's Claw Bark (called a "super-herb" by many naturopathic doctors it helps in cleansing the entire intestinal tract and in boosting the im­mune system of the body allowing it to fight better against invaders)


Cinnamon Bark (helps to calm down the stomach, has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, prevents cramping)


Fennel Seeds (important for helping the bowels and the colon; considered an antispasmodic agent by herbologists)


Ginger Root (renowned for its benefits in helping to soothe the stomach and aid in digestion)


Milk Thistle Seeds (famous for its cleansing properties)                           


Natural Lemon Flavor (for good flavor)


Passion Fruit (soothing to the body and adds a good flavor)


Peppermint Leaf (good for soothing the digestive process and important for flavoring)


Rose Hip Fruit (helps with diarrhea and infections; has good flavor)


Senna Leaf (famous for its natural laxative qualities)                                  


Uva Ursi Leaf (helps to strengthen & tone the urinary track; aids kidneys in removing excess water from the system)

     If you are doing a thorough cleansing for the first time, please keep in mind that you are trying to get rid of many years of accumulated build-up and debris. By doing so, you are introducing something new, yet much needed, to the body. Here is to your health.


It is recommended waiting ONE HOUR
between taking medication and
taking the internal cleanse components



Internal Cleanse 60 Day Program
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Order 2 IC60 programs, recieve 20% off second order,

and we will pay all the shipping charges.


Free Shipping*

*(does not apply to international orders)

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