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My name is Sheri Justy and I am a senior researcher at Natural Medicine Associates and a clinical nutri­tionist by training. Natural Medicine Associates is a research facility and a distribution center for organi­cally grown herbal and natural products. For many years my colleagues and I have been educating the public about proper nutrition, preventative medicine and natural healing. As a part of my job I have to keep up with all the latest research in the field of nutrition and alternative medicine to be able to provide our clients with the most accurate information about the topics which interest them. Since the center receives a vast number of new books published on health and healing every single month, access to new information is easy.




One extraordinary book I came across in our center examines in detail the subjects which do deserve much more attention - the subjects of parasites and self-toxication in humans. The author suggests that many Americans are unaware that they are infected with parasite infestation in alarming numbers; a “silent epidemic” about which many doc­tors have not educated themselves.


After this eye-opening book I went through a vast amount of literature dealing with this problem, and realized that over 80% of this countrys population (!) is suffering from parasites. No wonder such notable parasitology specialists as Dr. Ross Anderson says that "The single most undiagnosed health challenge in the history of the human race is parasites."





Realizing the scale of this problem, our research center started looking for possible solutions which we can offer to our clients. Knowing the power of herbal products, we started looking for natural solutions to offer to the tens of thou­sands of clients serviced by our Center. After an exhaustive search we have found only 1 complete program on the mar­ket that helps the body address all the aspects of the para­site infections in humans, colon build-up and toxin removal.


All 3 are important aspects of internal cleansing and, of course, it is important to address them all for a thorough, not just superficial solution. Anxious to try this program for myself, I started the very next day after receiving the first samples. I must admit that I was very impressed with the pro­gram right from the start. The list of ingredients was vast and impressive. The program started working right from the get go.


After using the program and having achieved excellent results with the herbal cleanse, I felt that I had to share this knowledge with my family and friends who supported the idea of a parasite cleanse. In the beginning, however, just as any other person, they were quite surprised (although "shocked" would be a better word) to learn that they too had parasites. Even my incredibly hygiene-conscious friend Carla found white worms in her stool.


As a result of going through the program, her face cleared up, chronic yeast infec­tion disappeared and she even managed to lose 15 pounds. Another friend of mine, while being on the cleanse, was visiting her relatives when she, all of a sudden, got a strong urge to go to the bathroom. To her amazement, she passed a 10-inch parasite. From that time she has very few allergies and her general well-­being improved greatly. She has also managed to finally achieve her ideal weight, something she has been struggling with yet unable to do for many years. It has been more than 8 months and she has kept it off since.


My parents are a great example of what a healthy lifestyle can do. They eat right, consume almost no meat and use herbs and supplements extensively. Despite this they still managed to discover "uninvited guests," although not as large as my friends'.


My mother wisely concluded that every person is exposed to parasites to some extent, since our environment presents us all with certain risks - be it from consuming meat, eating fish, vegetables or from a myriad of other sources. The solution to this problem, however, is not to panic and start being afraid of every bite you take, but to regularly cleanse your body.








We are all rather strange creatures. Think about the amount of time we spend each day to make sure that we are clean and well-groomed on the outside. We don't think for one minute that our insides could also use this kind of special care and attention. In fact, our "internal appearance" is much more important than our exterior! Fortunately, more and more people are discovering their bodies will work more effi­ciently if they nourish and cleanse them on a regular basis.


A number of countries in Europe that have a more holistic view of medicine like Finland, France, Great Britain and Germany have made it a point to make their citizens aware of the fact that prevention is an important aspect of any health care system. The British Medical Association has made a statement that "the vast majority of disease begins in the colon." In fact the Royal Academy of Physicians in Great Britain has determined that no less than 90% of all disease is in one way or another related to an unhealthy colon due to the build-up which accumulates inside. Such fecal matter build-up makes wonderful breeding ground for parasites.




Our product is of what we consider the finest and most comprehensive herbal cleans­ing program money can buy. It's the program I, my friends, relatives and tens of thousands of the Center's clients have already tried and had great success with. The program's 3 main components are: 1 container of special blend of over 37 herbal ingredients and 2 types of fiber (2-months supply); 1 pack of cleansing tea containing 14 herbs (2-months supply) and 1 bottle of anti-parasite capsules containing 19 herbs (1-month supply). Each of these is designed to help your body deal powerfully with parasites, colon build-up and harmful toxins and, each of the 3 has its own special function listed below:


     1) The 1st component (herb and fiber mix) includes more than 37 herbs and natural ingredients, con­tains both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber "absorbs" the mucus contained in the intestines, and the insoluble fiber acts like a broom to "sweep" from the colon the build-up which accumulated over time.


     2) As the first component helps the body to shake loose and take out the build-up which acts as breeding ground for parasites, into the action step in the herbal anti-parasite capsules containing a combination of 19 herbs. The main ingredients of this potent combination have been used for hundreds of years by master herbalists and naturopathic doctors to fight parasites.


     These capsules assist in banishing parasites from the colon, liver, kidneys and many other parts of the body and subsequently eliminating them from the body. Its ingredients include black walnut hulls, pumpkin seeds, wormwood, cloves, garlic, fennel, and many others.


     3) The 3rd component is herbal cleansing tea specifically formulated to help in the cleansing of the internal organs. It contains 14 different types of herbs and is especially effective if used after the last meal before going to sleep because it also helps with digestion and promotes sound sleep. Furthermore, it helps fight constipation and promotes cleansing of the kidneys. This herbal tea is a combination of trusted herbs combined specifically for your gastrointestinal tract.


This comprehensive 70-ingredient herbal cleansing program doesn't have any side effects, aside from possible minor discomforts one might expect while cleansing their body. There are no special diet requirements to follow during the cleanse, and we recommend that you repeat the program at least 1 - 2 times a year. Furthermore, the products do not cause any adverse reactions with any medications you may be taking and the medications, in turn, do not adversely affect them. However, internal cleansing is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.




Thorough internal cleansing is important for adults, children and, of course for pet owners. It's impor­tant for seniors because the older the person, the higher the chances of parasite infestation or colon build-up ruining their health. It is also highly recommended for people who have problems being regular (being truly regular means having bowel movement 2-3 times a day - otherwise you are backing up 2-3 meals per day in your colon, meals that putrefy or even brew, as they sit in your intestines).


Tens of thousands of people have already been through this very effective professionally developed program in the United States, Canada and abroad. Organically grown herbs (grown without harmful chemical fertilizers) are used without any artificial ingredients, preservatives or wasteful product fillers of any kind. The company uses only the most potent, pure and natural ingredients in every single element of the program. The ingredient list on the label says it all.


As I have mentioned before, the 37+ ingredient herb/fiber mix and tea will be enough for 2 months but the capsules will only last for 30 days. That's why a lot of people order an extra bottle of the capsules either right away or a month later in order to complete the 2-month cleanse (the extra bottle is only an additional $27.95 but you end up having enough supply for the full 2 months). 


When the body is cleansed regularly (at least once every 6-12 months) - the 1 month program is sufficient. However, for those who are new to regular cleansing, a good start is a 2 month program. Those who are severely backed-up, have a lot of extra weight or who are still passing parasites at the end of the 2 months may need a third month, but this is not common.


Despite the fact that the program was not developed for weight loss specifically, some people do end up losing weight because the program helps to eliminate the build-up of fecal matter in the intestines and promotes proper metabolism. Also considering that an average person has 5 - 20 or more pounds of fecal matter in their system, the weight loss seems to be only logical.


The company behind this cleansing program is a large multi-million dollar American herb manufac­turer, in business for many years, so you can rest assured that there is always someone who will provide you not only with the highest quality products but also best service. The company has a number of Ph. D's, Master Herbalists and naturopathic doctors who formulate products and help answer our clients' questions.


Many families order 1 set for each member of the family, since the cleanse is essential for everyone ­both adults and children alike. You can also help make a tremendous difference in the lives of your friends, relatives and neighbors by educating them about the importance of cleansing the body of build-up and parasites. Generally when a person tries a good internal cleanse once, they become living proof of the power of natural herbal cleansing products and the word spreads to their friends and relatives very quickly. That's why, in our company, repeat customers and word-of-mouth account for such a large percentage of our business.


Take charge of your health now - you have a chance to experience the full power of natural cleansing for 60 days!


     Getting hold of our 70-ingredient World's Best In­ternal Klenz is easy - Just click on the PAYPAL link below or call the phone number listed at the bottom of the page.


     The program costs $69.95. If you are using this program for the first we strongly recommend that you purchase the extra bottle of capsules at the same time (additional $27.95 for a total of $97.90) to make it a full 2-month internal cleanse. A detailed instruction sheet is enclosed with each one of these easy-to-follow programs. 


     If you feel spending $97.90 on a 60 day internal cleanse regime is expensive then consider this - over a 60 day period the program’s cost is $1.63 a day.


     Consider what one might spend $1.63 per day on. A beverage at your local convenience mart, the latest release at the video store, a withdrawal from the ATM, a trip to Duncan Donuts, a large cup of coffee at the fast food shop, a pack of cigarettes, a breakfast sandwich, lunch at the mom and pop deli in your neighborhood.


     Yet we receive the benefits of the cleanse for the whole year. If we look at it in this perspective the cost of $97.90 over 365 days is a mere .27 cents per day. Can one not afford to spend .27 cents per day on a cleansing regime that will rid the body of harmful toxins and the environment in which they thrive? And with free shipping when one orders the 60 day program, it could not be a better time to order.





It is recommended waiting ONE HOUR

between taking medication

and taking the internal cleanse components.


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on orders over $95.00


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