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     We have been in business for over 19 years. In that time we have seen many good products come and go. Due to various reasons, many companies have downsized. When this happens there is a decline in the quality and availability of the product that you once trusted and often used. So you may discover that our inventory has changed. Give us a call or write if you do not find that for which you are seeking. 

     You are not here by accident and you have taken the first step to the road of optimal health. Many doctors and practitioners are not aware of the epidemic that has swept across the globe that has incapacitated many individuals who suffer from various health issues due to undetected parasitic microorganisms that have invaded our bodies and environments. And so the general practice is to treat the SYMPTOM but guess at what the CAUSE may be. But we have discovered that this does not have to be the case, and as a result millions of folks like you have discovered the miracle of alternative medicine and internal cleansing for greater health.  

     The Pathway to Health awaits you who will empower yourself to change your life through a regime of internal cleansing and right living, liberating you from the dependency on those who are employed to help us but who have only made us dependent on them and on medicines that have not healed us, but only worsen our conditions. 

     Peruse the rest of our store for all the amazing and excellent products we offer designed to restore your health, mind and body to maximal health. We do not sell in retail outlets and all of the products listed here will not be found in your mass marketed retailers.   

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     Our products are very high quality products and are manufactured for private labels, meaning you will not find better products in retail outlets or mega-sights. It is for this reason we carry a specific but limited number of products that we have found to be most effective and to be the very best. We are continually adding to our inventory. 

     Most of our customers have been recommended to our products by word of mouth. If you have been led here, your visit today is not by accident. We feel there is an order in life that is also in our bodies, and that order is what directs us to those things that will bring order into our bodies and lives. If you have found yourself perusing our site, you are in the right place. Do not doubt yourself. 

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